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Astara Jobson, LMT

My Name is Astara K. Jobson, founder of Astara Health. I teach yoga and reiki, I practice massage and advocate the use of essential oils. In short, I am a health enthusiast who has faced challenges with determined self care and am passionate about using the skills I have developed to help you find greater health.

For more than 16 years, yoga has helped me to feel stronger, more balanced, open-minded and open-hearted in the midst of life’s ups and downs. Massage has helped me to become happily present in my body after enduring serious trauma. Reiki and essential oils have been powerful assistants in managing me and my family’s health and energy.

I am passionate about how these modalities help us transform the health of our bodies, minds and even spirits. I’ve studied with fascination, the neural pathways from our giant brains to the nearly infinite cells and fibers of our physical bodies and the subtle energetic connections between our minds and physical experiences. My intention for each class and each session is to offer you a chance to learn more about yourself, experience life in a new way and develop consciousness where you need it.

“My hope is that you will leave each class, massage or Reiki session stronger, healthier and inspired to create your life in a way that is healthy and progressive.”