Author: Astara Jobson

Ultimate Anti Aging Treatment

Age is just a number, time passes anyway, how we care for ourselves has an impact.
This combination of anti aging spa treatments increases blood/lymph circulation and detoxification, nourishes your skin/muscles/organs, soothes your mind and calms your nervous system, has a balancing effect on your energy field.
*Lymphatic dry brushing *Relaxing, therapeutic massage *Massage oils chosen for your skin’s particular needs *
  • Custom massage oil for ultimate skin nourishment
  • Custom essential oil blend to fortify your energy and assist overall physical/emotional balancing
  • Full body relaxation massage
  • Massage/yoga treatment for aches/pains and imbalances
  • Abdominal massage with castor oil pack and detoxifying essential oils
  • Energy medicine to help you clear what is no longer needed and ascend to your healthiest, happiest self

It is now common, scientifically proven knowledge that environmental toxins, un-processed emotional stress and physical tension produce “aging.”Of course, we are all getting older and potentially wiser every moment we are blessed with breath. We can take care of the gift of life in many ways. This treatment aims to take full advantage.

The Cleopatra Treatment

The Cleopatra Treatment

Beauty, luxury, vitality, health.

This full body treatment includes a customized blend of:

  • Customized Massage Therapy
  • Customized Essential Oil Blend
  • Lymphatic Dry Brushing
  • Target Mud Therapy for pain/inflammation/puffiness
  • Hot Towels
  • Energy Medicine
  • Crystal Therapy

Gentle dry brushing stimulates blood purification and clarity of complexion. Customized massage, essential oils and target mud therapy treatments tone the skin, muscles and nervous system.

A unique combination of crystal therapy, Reiki, guided breath work and intuitive energy consultation prepares you to face the world with a refreshed, relaxed, confident perspective.