"Astara Jobson’s yoga classes are wonderful. She helps each participant customize his/her practice to gain the most benefit with no chance for injury. I always leave feeling energized and happy. Her skills and talents as a massage therapist are extraordinary.   I think she has magic fingers. Astara is able to pinpoint the source of my physical challenges and create an environment for my healing. I am lucky to have found her!"

- Jill S. 

Therapeutic Treatments Tailored to Your Needs


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Stand Alone Treatments


Aromatouch: 8 pure aromatic compounds applied to the spine and feet to support mood immunity, musculoskeletal, circulatory and digestive function at a cellular level.


Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy: A combination of massage modalities to address your aches, pains and injuries. May include therapeutic applications of doTERRA essential oils, massage cupping, passive stretching, heat/cold therapy and home exercise suggestions.


Lymph Therapy: Gently stimulates and supports your lymphatic (blood cleaning) system through dry brushing, essential oils, cupping and other gentle techniques.


Reiki Treatment: Universal Life Force Energy meets Personal Life Force Energy. The result is support and balance where you need it most. Imagine shining a bright white light that promoted healing on that sore joint, while also tending to the inner root or emotional space connected to any physical pain.


*Add detoxifying Dead Sea Mud or clay to any muscle treatment for $10.

*New Client Lymph Massage Add $15 For Self Care Kit


Thai Massage: The full benefits of doing yoga, but instead someone doing it for you! This fully clothed treatment is done on a thick mat on the floor. Compression, point work (think acupressure) passive stretching open your muscles and energy channels for maximum flow, health and vitality.



  • 60 Minutes: $80
  • 90 Minutes: $110