Welcome to the new suite of Astara Health services


Luxurious spa meets skilled, intuitive bodywork. These sleek, premium caliber healing experiences illuminate your brightest self through extreme physical pampering combined with gentle, effective energy medicine. You'll leave feeling increased relaxation, vitality and insight.

-The Cleopatra Treatment-

-Seasonal RX-

-Ultimate Anti-Aging Treatment-

-Crystal Palace-


Your tissues receive the care and nutrients they need. Your mind and spirit receive the peace and respite they need. You heal, stronger and wiser than before.
Sessions May Include:
*Massage techniques*Hydrotherapy *Mud *Essential oils *Movement modalities *Guided imagery and/or breathwork *Energy Medicine

-Motor Vehicle Accident Recovery-

-I Hurt Myself-

-Sports Performance Sessions-


Yoga means to yoke. Tone your body, tone your energy, yoke your body, mind and spirit. The strength, flexibility and awareness you will develop in these sessions extends beyond your physical body to your mind, emotions and personal relationship with the divine. These highly personalized  sessions facilitate your  journey into greater whole being health and wellness.

-30 minute Private Yoga-

-60 minute Private Yoga-

-60 minute Couple's or small group Yoga -


Our day in and day out experience is directly related to the numerous energies we are surrounded by. Land healing sessions intuitively optimize the energy of spaces and places for human inhabitants.

A land healing session includes a consultation to establish your goals and intent, clearing of all energy vibrations lower than un-conditional love, balancing of elemental energies,ley lines and vortexes, harmonizing of your goals and intent with energies and spirits present on the land or in the builds, homes, etc. 

This session can be helpful to create ease in your home or building(s) and on your land. It can also be helpful to clear a home or bulding(s) for move in or renting or selling.


Shamanic life coaching sessions for those who are looking to get to the root of the matter.

We can video chat or speak on the phone or even e-mail. Through whichever mode we choose I will gain understanding of your problem, what you would like to shift in you life.  Once I tune into your energy and the energy of your issue, I am able to watch the energy to learn what needs to be expressed, addressed, adjusted in order to promote change towards greater harmony and health.

This session is great for any issue large and small.



I greatly value the business of my clients and patients and do my best to respond accordingly! This membership is available for members who were with me from the beginning <3 It includes sessions and pricing that are not available to the general public.

Thank You!